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Bruce B Update

News article published March 28, 2020

Bruce B Update: Updated – March 30, 2020 On March 28, staff at Bruce B responded to a release of approximately 20 litres of heavy water in Unit 6 which has been shut down since Jan. 17 for Major Component … Read more

Bruce Power completes shipment of Cobalt-60 to Nordion for processing medical isotopes to be used in sterilization of medical equipment

News article published March 25, 2020

Bruce Power has completed its final shipments of Cobalt-60 for the first half of 2020, a medical isotope that is used in the sterilization of medical equipment. Nordion, an Ottawa-based company, will process the Cobalt-60 and distribute it to medical … Read more

Statement from Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power President and CEO, regarding Government of Ontario announcement on electricity rates

News article published March 24, 2020

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Energy Minister Greg Rickford and Associate Energy Minister Bill Walker announced today that the province will lower electricity rates for at least 45 days to offset higher consumption as more people work from home or remain … Read more

Statement from Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power President and CEO, regarding support of local communities and programs in fight against COVID-19

News article published

Mike Rencheck, the President and CEO of Bruce Power, is releasing the below statement today with regards to the company’s latest efforts to support the efforts of local communities and programs against the COVID-19 pandemic: “During these uncertain times it … Read more

Statement on Bruce Power’s response to COVID-19 – March 20, 2020

News article published March 20, 2020

Bruce Power continues to take proactive actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the community, employees, and also ensure the facility continues to provide the province with a reliable supply of electricity now and in the future, while … Read more

COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall

News article published March 19, 2020

Bruce Power hosted a Virtual Town Hall this evening with health officials from Grey and Bruce counties providing the latest information on prevention and protection around the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s critical for the people who live in our communities to … Read more

Significant interest in Grey-Bruce COVID-19 community update prompts changes to access instructions

News article published March 18, 2020

Since the announcement earlier today of a community Town Hall for a COVID-19 update from Grey-Bruce health officials there has been significant interest from across the region. Additionally, across the country there has been a significant strain on telecommunications systems … Read more

Bruce Power aerial shot

Bruce Power to host Telephone Town Hall for Grey-Bruce health officials to provide community update on response to COVID-19 pandemic

News article published

Bruce Power will host a Telephone Town Hall on Thursday evening with health officials from Grey Bruce to provide residents with the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents in Bruce and Grey counties will receive a phone call just … Read more

Telephone Town Hall

Statement on COVID-19

News article published March 17, 2020

The Bruce Power site continues to generate one-third of Ontario’s electricity and we are committed to maintaining this important reliability moving forward to ensure the province can count on a stable supply of electricity. We will deliver this while protecting … Read more

Bruce Power statement regarding actions taken on COVID-19 outbreak

News article published March 13, 2020

Bruce Power has been monitoring developments around the COVID-19 pandemic and the response from health agencies in Canada and worldwide. We are continuing to conduct our daily operations to safely provide Ontario’s residents and businesses with a reliable source of … Read more

Bruce Power statement on COVID-19 actions

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